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Time to get personal!

Over the last year we’ve been helping plant a church in Nashville. I could write a lengthy story on what we’ve learned and how we’ve been blessed, but today we’ll give an overview.

Cali and I left, or rather were sent off by, a church we love in Brentwood last year to partner with Church. As we dove in head first into the ministry at Church, we were welcomed into a group that we’ve since grown to call our family.

New Location 1

We were meeting at the YES building on Lindsley Avenue downtown. As we grew we began looking for a larger space, hoping to nail down a location in the neighborhood where we’re focusing our ministry. We landed at the Track One Building!

New Location 2

After a few hours of loading up vehicles and moving all of our sound equipment and chairs we began to settle into our new home. Pime even made a custom communion table for us.

New Location 3

And so here we are.

Nestled into our new spot. In many ways we’re still figuring it out as we go, but for now we’re excited about where we’re at and the growth we’re seeing in our community. I’ve only penned a handful of words about something that requires a lengthy essay, or at least a good conversation over an equally good cup of coffee, but there will be more to come as we keep you guys updated on life at Church.

Come do life with us!

This Easter Sunday, Ryan will be starting a new sermon series titled Born & Raised that will explore what it looks like to become the Church Jesus died to create. Come join us. We’ll be there every Sunday, 10:00 AM @ the Track One Building on the corner of 4th and Chestnut.

Born & Raised 3

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