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You made it – Welcome!

Welcome to my new blog, glad you could make it!  Cali Ashton Photography is starting off pretty snazzy if you ask me.  My friend Josh was an awesome help with creating my design – check out his stuff here.

As you may know, I’ve shot a lot of portraits in the past; head shots, seniors, weddings, etc… which I’m still doing! I just happen to be adding a nice little flair of advertising and commercial work.  My schooling at Nashville State has fully prepared me to take on this new adventure.  I’ve found a new love for this type of photography and am excited to add it to my repertoire.

On another exciting note.. my website is almost up and running! Definitely within the month… so keep an eye out!  It will be here before you know it!

Finally, I will try and keep this blog updated regularly so you can keep track on my work – I’d love your comments, criticism, and IDEAS!  Feel free to share and keep a look-out for my lovely sister’s senior photos in the next post!


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