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It’s my turn!

Yep, you guessed it.. I was finally the one to wear the white dress and have photographers follow ME around as I joined with my new husband in marriage!  The day was absolutely unforgettable (they always say you won’t remember 90% of it, but Nyk and I disagree) – there were so many ‘you really had to be there moments’ but I’ll try to show you in a few of the photos how it all went along 🙂

Let me also jump in to say that the lovely photographer, Rachel, of Rachel Williamson Photography did a splendid job of head photographer (she and I have a similar style and are usually working together on wedding days)!  She was assisted by the ever-so-creative, Justin Heap.  It’s such a blessing having such talented friends in the photography world!

We begin with a few prep shots.. first of our beautiful rings, then the hair flower I made for my bridesmaids, a crazy dress donning collage, followed by a sweet moment of my dad and me.

The next shot comes along with some advice I’d send to all brides (& grooms!) preparing for your day: BE CREATIVE!  This took about 5 minutes of  prep.  I really wasn’t sure if it was going to turn out or not, but who cares?!!  Search around for photos, think of things you both enjoy, and and staple it to your day.  You will not regret it!

The next few are of all the giddy people before the ceremony – I loved taking these and I always enjoy shooting at this time as well 🙂

And the ceremony..

Rachel gets kudos for these awesome shots of Nyk & me along with our bridal party.. I absolutely love how they turned out!

Last but not least comes the reception!  First off, we have the wonderful first dance along with a great shot of my dad and I dancing.  The next few are of our photo booth (psh, so easy!  Just hang white fabric, pop a light, and let your friends to the rest!) – this was a big hit and I highly recommend it for your guests.  We then end with the send off.. petals galore!  Oh man, it was such a good day 🙂

Reminder: Rachel Williamson Photography (and a few by Justin Heap) took these photos, I merely edited them for your pleasure–

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