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So, as many of you may know, I enjoy traveling.  I don’t care much where I go because I always have a splendid time learning new things and living grand adventures.  This past July, my family and I took a vacation all over!  Needless to say, we learned how to entertain ourselves in the many hours of car riding 🙂

We left Nashville and headed out to Hershey, PA.  Hello, CHOCOLATE WORLD!  We had fun learning the history of chocolate as well as visiting the amusement park!  We then journeyed over the border to Toronto, Canada and ended up finding an Indian festival going on – so, of course, we had to attend.  The colors and people were beautiful and the food was ah-ma- zing!  We also got to walk around the city and the beach.  Our path then took us to Amherst, OH (a small town near Cleveland) to visit with our wonderful family friends (as well as go to one of the top roller coaster parks in the world – Cedar Point!).  Much fun was had by all.  Our last trek was to Chicago, IL, one of my ALL TIME favorite cities!  Of course, I love all the shopping and photo possibilities, but I mostly enjoy walking on the bustling streets.

The photos I’m sharing with you today are from the Canadian part of the trip.  Yes, we were able to go to Niagra Falls, but I wasn’t prepared to take my lovely camera toward all that water!  So enjoy some of the Toronto photos – hopefully it’ll give you a taste of what the city is like!

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